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Our Services

SaniCare Solutions offers customizable packages that fit every commercial cleaning need. 

SaniClean - Deep Clean

SaniCare Solutions will complete a thorough deep clean of both your commercial kitchen and washroom. This service is ideal when preparing for scheduled health and safety inspections. SaniCare Solution's cleaning systems easily gets into those hard to reach places where bacteria can find a home.

SaniPlan - Regular Maintenance 

SaniCare Solutions will regularly maintain the upkeep of your kitchen and washroom facilities daily, weekly or monthly. We will sanitize these important areas so that they not only look clean, but they are clean. This package includes, the option of having us replenish all kitchen and washroom hygiene supplies.

SaniCare - Full Service 

SaniCare Solutions will provide full janitorial services along with kitchen and washroom SaniCare. Office areas, lobbies, elevators and stairwells will all be maintained using top of the line, environmentally friendly cleaning products. 

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